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Since 1878, Tamson Instruments manufactures and develops quality petroleum laboratory testing equipment. Our equipment allows the user to test different aspects of petroleum products in accordance with ASTM, IP and ISO test methods. We manufacture equipment to test various properties of petroleum products, such as viscosity, density, corrosion, foaming characteristics, and many more. Our petroleum testing equipment is used worldwide. The equipment is designed to fit the testing needs of a broad range of customers, from refineries to independent testing labs, from universities to research centers. Besides the petroleum testing equipment, we offer a quality range of cooling and heating circulators for general laboratory applications. Our products provide reliable and very accurate temperature regulation of fluids. Accuracy beyond 0.005 Kelvin can be achieved. The product range provides exact temperature control from -100°C to +250°C. Our equipment can be used either as a bath, or to heat or cool an external application. The very stable temperature control of our equipment makes the equipment very suitable for all kind of calibration activities.

Tamson continuously invests into new technology. Our products operate with amazingly high accuracy, long life, quality, and reliability. As a manufacturer, we continually strive to enhance our products and we are extending our product range in order to better serve industry needs. Tamson Instruments is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 for the manufacturing and supply of petroleum testing materials and equipment. The Tamson range of products is available worldwide through an extensive network of partners. Our partners are able to assist the user in the process of purchasing equipment, as well as offering maintenance and service on the Tamson products. More in-depth technical information regarding the products can be found in the specification sheets and manuals which can be downloaded from our website.

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New Products


Tamson TV4000AKV

Tamson is excited to announce the new TV4000AKV, replacing the TV2000AKV. The modular TV4000AKV EASY is a measuring system that includes everything you need to take precise and reproducible automated kinematic viscosity measurements. The TV4000AKV EASY is supplied with a single automated measuring channel. Filling and cleaning of the viscometer must be done manually. The AKV EASY is operated by a user-friendly touch screen and is capable of measuring the kinematic viscosity of samples that are suitable for Ubbelohde viscometers. This includes samples such as formulated oils, lubricants, diesel, hydraulic oils, additives, base oils, light fuels, waxes, crude oils and glycols. Eight different viscometers can be programmed in the system and up to 254 results are saved in the database and can be printed at any time. Each result consists of up to 99 runs. These runs can be done sequentially without interference from the user. The maximum time between two sequential runs is four hours. This allows the customer to test how the viscosity changes over time. The system determines the best repeatability from the measuring runs and supports calculation of the dynamic, relative and intrinsic viscosity. Optionally, the TV4000AKV EASY can be equipped with two measuring channels (dual channel). End of 2020, Tamson will introduce a single measuring channel equipped with a semi-automated cleaning module. The system will rinse the viscometer with the manually inserted cleaning solvent.

For more information, please see our specification sheet.
Tamson ASTM D892 Foaming dual bath
ASTM D892 Foaming

Tamson is manufacturing an ASTM D892 foaming dual bath. The ASTM D892 test method covers the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils. Tamson supplies a dual bath setup where one bath can be operated at +24°C and one bath will be operated at +93.5°C. The baths can be used interchangebly and have a drain for cleaning purposes. Tamson supplies a complete test setup including foaming culinders and flow meters. Our apparatus is also standard delivered with a rack to cool down the foaming cylinders between sequence II and III of the test method. Custom made setups are available on request.

For more information, please see our specification sheet.