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We offer a quality range of cooling and heating circulators. Our products provide reliable and very accurate temperature regulation of fluids. An accuracy beyond 0.005 Kelvin can be achieved. The product range provides exact temperature controlling from -100°C to +250°C. Our equipment can be found in many diverse areas of research across industrial fields such as petroleum industry, universities, research institutes and quality control laboratories.
Our main markets are being found in chemical, quality control and product processing, along with research and development industries.

Tamson sets the standard

Tamson Instruments BV is an innovative manufacturer and is ahead in the newest developments and technologies.
We develop, design, and produce state-of- the-art:

  • Thermostatic baths
  • Coolers
  • Circulators 
  • Calibration instruments. 

Tamson continuously invests into new technology. Our products operate with amazing high accuracy, long life quality, and reliability. As a manufacturer, we continually strive to enhance our products and we are extending our product range in order to better serve our customers needs. In our markets for manual kinematic viscosity and calibration baths we set the standard. More in-depth technical information regarding the products can be found in the specification sheets and manuals which can be downloaded from our website.

We look forward to be receiving your questions, feedback and further requests.

New Products


Tamson CEC L-109-14 bath
CEC L-109-14 bath

Tamson is manufacturing a CEC L-109-14 bath. The CEC L-109-14 test method covers the oxidation test for engine oils operating in the presence of biodiesel fuels. As it is expected that more biodiesel will be blended with diesel in the future, the objective of this oxidation test is to provide preventive protection against the consequences of biodiesel induced engine oil oxidation. The selected test conditions should take the different usage patterns and engine hardware of passenger cars and commercial vehicles into account. Tamson can supply a complete CEC L-109-14 bath, complete with glassware and flowmeters, as is needed for this test.

For more information, please see our specification sheet.
New ASTM D1298 video
Tamson has made a video on the ASTM D1298 apparatus. The Tamson ASTM D1298 apparatus consists of a rack with jacketed cylinders and a chiller. The rack with jacked cylinders gives a better view of the hydrometer, compared to a bath with cylinders. This because a bath blocks the view for a part of the hydrometer. With our ASTM D1298 apparatus, you will have a clear view of the hydrometer while the sample is kept at the test temperature.