November 2022 Newsletter

Tamson is happy to announce the november 2022 Newsletter. In this newsletter, we discuss the testing properties of EV materials, we announce a Digital Mass Flow meter for ASTM D892 and we announce the new TT3B digital contact thermometer!

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2 months ago

Arablab 2022 Dubai

Tamson will be present at the Arablab 2022 in Dubai. The Arablab will be from October 24 to October 26.

If you would like to meet us during the Arablab, please contact us.

8 months ago

Achema 2022 Frankfurt

Tamson will be visiting the ACHEMA in Frankfurt. The ACHEMA will be from August 22 up to August 26.

If you would like to meet us during the ACHEMA, please let us know.

8 months ago

Analytica Munich June 21 & June 22

Tamson will be visiting Analytica Munich on Tuesday June 21 and Wednesday June 22.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact us!

8 months ago

June 2022 newsletter; Tamson viscosity

Tamson is well known worldwide for a large range of viscosity baths. Ten thousands are installed worldwide.

For an overview of our viscosity solutions, please see our June 2022 newsletter.

8 months ago

New Oxidation Stability bath for ASTM D2440!

Tamson is proud to announce the new ASTM D2440 apparatus for oxidation stability of mineral insulating oils.

Tamson is happy to announce its first oxidation stability bath. We have designed a six position apparatus for ASTM D2440, the oxidation stability of mineral insulating oil. The ASTM D2440 liquid bath is based on the Tamson TC16, which has proven to be one of the most robust baths on the market for
petroleum tests. The oxidation stability test of mineral transformer oils is a method for assessing the amount of sludge and acid formed in a transformer oil when the oil is tested under prescribed conditions. Good oxidation stability is necessary to improve the service life of the oil. Oils that meet the requirements tend to minimize electrical conduction, ensure acceptable heat transfer, and preserve system life.

For this test, a test specimen of mineral insulating oil is placed in an oil receptable together with a copper catalyst coil to simulate the ageing of the sample. The sample is in the bath at 110°C for 72 or 164 hours. During this time, oxygen is constantly bubbled through the sample. After this procedure, the oil is evaluated by measuring the amount of sludge and acids formed.

The Tamson ASTM D2440 apparatus consists of one liquid bath equipped with six sets of calibrated flowmeters and six sets of glassware. The flowmeters have a fine adjustable needle valve, to ensure the correct amount of oxygen is supplied. A dryer tower is also supplied and can be mounted on the side of the bath. The liquid bath is well insulated and all wetted parts are made from stainless steel to withstand high working temperatures. The stainless steel parts can easily be cleaned. Grommets around the openings protect the glassware from scratches. The apparatus should be placed in a fume hood. In case this is not possible, six additional pieces of glassware can be used together with the standard supplied side brackets to prevent smell spreading into the laboratory.

Please also see our full newsletter by clicking the link below.

April 2022 newsletter: D2440.

10 months ago

Tamson will be present at Arablab 2021

Tamson will be present at ArabLab 2021 in Dubai!

The ArabLab is an annual show in Dubai aimed at laboratory and chemical technology. The Arablab takes place from Monday 15 till Wednesday 17 november. Please visit us at stand 127, 131 & 233 in Hall 3. In case you would like to schedule a meeting, please contact us.

1 year ago