TV7000LT 230V-50Hz

Tamson thermostatic visibility bath low temperature, conforms to ASTM D445 with a temperature range from -40 C to +100 C. Temperature stability is +/- 0.02 K
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Bath Temperature Accuracy 0.02°C
Bath Volume 70 litre
Bath Height 1450 mm
Weight 120.0000
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Minimum Temperature -40°C
Maximum Temperature 100°C
The TV7000LT is a unique visibility bath with wide dimensions. Working temperature ranges from minus 40°C up to plus 100°C.
An integrated cooling system is able to lower the bath temperature down to minus 40°C within approximately two hours. The cooling power can be controlled over four stages so that the heat removal capacity is trimmed to the desired set point temperature, saving up to 50% of energy.
Due to its wide temperature range the bath can be used for multiple purposes varying from low temperature viscosity measurement to calibration of sensors or thermometers. The large windows show the bath contents clearly. The windows are heated preventing build-up of condensate. The bath can be emptied via a drain. If bath fluid expands at higher set point temperatures overflow of bath is protected via a drain. A LED fluid level indicator alarms when fluid level is too low.
The bath temperature can be set from -40°C to a maximum of +100°C in steps of 0.01°C. The maximum temperature lies around +100°C. Overall accuracy is better than ± 0.02°C over the whole temperature range. Ambient temperature drift <0.003°C/°C. The homogeneity is better than 0.02°C. Drift, accuracy and homogeneousness were measured with methanol as bath medium and are true min-max values found over eight hours.
The bath conforms to CE regulation. Further it is equipped with multiple safety features in order to guarantee safe around the clock operation. A mechanical safety thermostat protects the bath against high temperatures and will automatically reset itself after switching the bath off and on again. In case of over temperature electronics and motor are switched off.