TLC80-14 D6922 bath

The TLC80-14 ASTM D6922 bath is an apparatus for the determination of homogeneity and miscibility in automotive engine oils. For this test method it is necessary to use both a TC16 high temperature bath and a low temperature cloud and pour point bath. Tamson can supply both apparatus. The TLC40-14 and TLC80-14 ASTM D6922 offer position for seven jackets, as is prescribed in the test method. 

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The TLC40-14 and TLC80-14 are single adjustable circulator baths with position for seven jackets to test the homogeneity and miscibility in automotive engine oils conform ASTM D6922. The TLC40-14 and TLC80-14 are low temperature circulators. The baths can also be used to circulate to an external application. The drain located at the back provides easy removal of the bath fluid.  The used cooling system is ozone friendly, so it doesn't contain any CFK/HCFK gas. The bath conforms to CE regulation. The TLC40-14 and TLC80-14 have a very precise temperature control. The set point can be set in steps of 0.1°C. A pressure pump provides circulation in the bath or via an external circuit. The pressure of the pump is 300 mBar at 7 litres per minute. For ASTM D6922, the samples also need to be heated to 232°C. The robust TC16 bath can be used for this.

Main Features:
  • Seven positions for ASTM D6922 tests
  • Temperature range down to -40°C or -80°C
  • Stainless steel, robust bath
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to read display
  • Very quiet
  • High heat removal capacity
More Information
SKU 00T0530-d6922
Bath Accuracy 0.05°C
Bath Volume 14 litre
Height 770 mm
Width 460 mm
Length 810 mm
Bath Opening 240 * 170 mm
Bath Depth 150 mm
Minimum Temperature -80°C
Maximum Temperature +20°C
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