TLC40-14 230V/50Hz D97 D2500

TLC40 set-up to determine the cloud and pour point manually conform ASTM D97 and ASTM D2500. The TLC40 adjustable circulator bath with position for six jackets. The pour point describes a procedure for testing the fluidity of a petroleum product at a temperature. The cloud point is defined as the temperature of a liquid specimen when the smallest observable cluster of wax crystals first appears upon cooling.
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Bath Temperature Accuracy 0.05°K
Bath Volume 14 litre
Bath Height 770 mm
Weight 65.0000
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Minimum Temperature -40°C
Maximum Temperature 20°C

The TLC40 can be used for multiple heat removal purposes such as replacement of tap water, fast cool down or ASTM CFPP testing. The bath volume is 14 litres. The used cooling system is ozone friendly and doesn’t contain any CFK/HCFK gas. With the compressor running continuously, the fluid temperature is regulated through an electronic controlled heater. The TLC40 operates from -40°C to +20°C (-40°F..68°F) and optional extended minimum temperature: -45°C .. +20°C / -49°F .. + 68°F. The set point is adjustable in steps of 0.1°C. A pressure pump provides circulation in the bath or via an external circuit. The pump pressure is 300 mBar and 7 ltrs per minute (no counter pressure). The bath conforms to CE regulations. It also is equipped with a mechanical adjustable and resettable safety thermostat to guarantee safe around the clock operation.