TLB50 ASTM D7501 230V-50Hz

TLB50 is a thawing bath for sample preparation. The bath has an operating range of -5°C up to +80°C. The benchtop bath with integrated cooling can replace the combination of a water bath with an external cooling circulator. This not only saves bench space, but also costs because of its high cooling efficiency. The TLB50 has a wide bath opening and several options like a fixed or split levelling platform and adjustable rack for placing different sized sample bottles. The primary use of the TLB50 is sample conditioning. Before most samples are analysed, they require to be conditioned to a specified temperature as described in each test method
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Bath Temperature Accuracy 0.02°C
Bath Volume 50 litre
Bath Height 720 mm
Weight 65.0000
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Minimum Temperature -5°C
Maximum Temperature 80°C
TLB50 for cold soak filterability test conform ASTM D7501. In this test method, 300 mL of biodiesel (B100) is stored at 4.5 ±0.5°C (40 ± 1°F) for 16 h, allowed to warm to 25 ±1° C (77 °F), and vacuum filtered through a single 0.7 um glass fiber filter at controlled vacuum levels of ~70&-85 kPa (21-25 in. of Hg). TLB50 bath (see also specification sheet of TLB50) is specially designed to condition the biodiesel samples in 500 mL jars at 4.5°C for sixteen hours. TLB50 bath can be used to maintain the samples at +25°C after the cold soak test. Tamson offers other types of circulating water baths.