TTU-A, short shaft, stirrer and boost heater 115V/60Hz

Thermostatic unit. Ambient .. 200°C ± 0.03 K, P.I.D. Stirrer with a short shaft and boost heater.
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Bath Temperature Accuracy 0.03 K
Weight 4.0000
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Minimum Temperature ambient
Maximum Temperature 200 C
Tamson offers thermostatic heads as replacement unit or a "plug and play" unit to heat a bath or application.
A choice for different applications is offered:- Stirring with short or long shaft- Heating with or without boost heater- Circulating and pumping- Below ambient temperature regulation using cooling coil
The setpoint is adjustable in steps of 0.01° from ambient up to 200°C. The overall system accuracy is better than ±0.02°K but depends on the application.
Readout can be switched between °C or °F.
The bath has a standard built in mechanical over temperature protection as an independent safety feature. In case of electronic failure, the bath will be mechanically switched off when the temperature rises above the set temperature on this protection device.ernal circuit.
Models 19T310 and 19T3111 are equiped with pump and offer 300 mBar and 7 ltrs per minute flow (no counter pressure).