TC20B 115V-60Hz

Tamson bath/circulator TC20B, 115V-60Hz. Bath volume is 20 L. Temperature range is from ambient to 200 C. Temperature stability is better than +/- 0.02 K. Bath opening 300 x 320 mm.
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Bath Temperature Accuracy 0.02°C
Bath Volume 20 litre
Bath Height 425 mm
Weight 31.0000
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Minimum Temperature Ambient
Maximum Temperature 200°C
The TC20B can be used as a circulator or bath. The bath fluid is heated via a micro¬processor controlled heating element. When working below ambient temperature cooling fluid can be circulated through the cooling coil to lower the bath temperature.
The bath is equipped with fluid level detection. The microprocessor controlled heating with auto tune function guarantees precise temperature control.
The bath temperature can be set to a maximum of 200°C (392°F) in steps of 0.1 degree. The overall system accuracy is ±0.02°K.
A top lid is included.
The bath conforms to CE regulation. It further is equipped with multiple safety features in order to guarantee safe around the clock operation. A mechanical safety thermostat protects the bath against high temperatures and will automatically reset itself after switching the bath off and on again. The safety thermostat can be set between ambient and +300°C. In case of over temperature electronics and motor are switched off. The pump motor is protected against mechanical overload via a resettable fuse.
Standard available in °C, on request in °F.
A pump circulates the bath content or provides external circulation. The pump pressure is 300 mBar and the maximum flow is 7.5 litres per minute with no counter pressure.