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By Roy van den Berg February 6, 2019 382 Views
Tamson is proud to have built two more TV7000LT baths. Those precision instruments will be used in metrological institutes in China and in Uzbekistan.
Both baths will be used for calibration purposes at sub-zero temperatures.On the picture below, the baths have just been tested.
The history of the TV7000LT goes back many years. In the early seventies a similar system was made by Tamson with a built-in cooling system.
The temperature control was based on a mercury contact thermometer and the refrigeration on an off-shelf conventional cooling system. This design resulted in this big apparatus.
In this apparatus, you will see a high temperature viscosity bath standing on the cooling unit. Back in the seventies, temperature control was still done by using the mercury contact thermometers, instead of the PT100s that became in use later.
First TV4000LT
The minimum temperature was restricted to -20 degrees Centigrade and the immersion depth dept was limited to 300mm. In 2005 a new system was developed upon request for the French national laboratory in Paris.
This unit was based on a TV7000 system and with 600mm it doubled the original immersion depth. This new bath was called the TV7000LT  TV stands for Tamson Visibility bath, 7000 to indicate a volume of 70 Liters, and LT stands for Low Temperature.
This bath more looks like the bath we produce nowadays.
TV7000LT 2005
The cooling system was redesigned to reduce the energy consumption significantly. The cooling system is based on a two mode principle, where the cooling down of the bath goes fast, and once the bath reaches the setpoint temperature, it switches to a mode where less power is used.
It also enables the use of the bath over a much wider temperature range, ranging from -40 up to +100 degrees Centigrade. However, when using the TV7000LT at a wide range, you have to consider the bath fluid that you are using.
For temperatures down to minus 20 water glycol mixtures are popular. For lower temperatures ethanol (or methanol) can be used. When working close to 100 degrees Celsius, silicon oil has to be used, because water does evaporate.

The TV7000LT offers excellent temperature stability. This makes it a good solution for all kind of calibration purposes, such as the calibration of viscometers conform ASTM D2162.

Interested in a TV7000LT? Please contact your local Tamson dealer, or our sales staff at sales@tamson.nl
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